Town amenities

The first thing a visitor needs to know about Santa Fe Panama is that it has no gas station or ATM (cash) machine.  Emergency gas or diesel can be obtained at a premium but availability is not guaranteed. Therefore make sure to fill up your gas tank in Santiago and visit a bank if necessary.

Santa Fe has four sizable supermarkets, various mini-markets, a fruit a vegetable market and passing vendors who sell out of their pick-up trucks. Although supply is plentiful, assortment is limited, aimed at providing local needs and diets. Do not expect to find you favourite brand of cookies or wine.

Within walking distance of town there are currently only three restaurants: our own, Hotel Santa Fe (quality Panamanian dishes), and La Pineda (Panamanian dishes and pretty good pizza). Furthermore we have five local eateries known as ‘fonda’s’. The local style eateries all serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in buffet style: eggs, steak, sausages or grilled pork with corn tortilla or ochaldres (puff pastry) for breakfast – chicken, beef or pork with rice and beans for lunch and dinner. Breakfast starts extremely early for western standards, as does dinner. Out of the five local eateries, El Terminal located in the bus-station is our favourite.

What else do we have: a coffee roaster, internet shop, post office, barber shop, DIY store, garden centre, one car mechanic, one metal workshop, several seamstresses and two churches (catholic and protestant).

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