Health & Safety

Santa Fe ranks among the safest places in Panama and Central America. That said, there are some risks involved that can easily be avoided if you take proper care.

Watch your stuff
In general people of Santa Fe are warm and kind, but some of them will act opportunistic when given the chance. Therefore, do not leave your valuable stuff unattended outside our hotel, and always lock your door.


Hiking and wildlife
When you go into nature, take proper precautions: inform us of the area you are going to visit and when you will be back, take enough food and drinks with you and wear proper clothes and footwear. Keep an eye on wear you put your hands and feed to avoid getting stung or bitten by poisonous critters. Most accidents however are not caused by wildlife though, but due to the roughness of the terrain, so try not to break your legs.


Conan, our vermin control manager. Thanks to his efforts we haven’t seen a single snake on our property for over two years.

When you travel to the tropics be prepared to deal with insects, in this case mostly mosquitoes, chitres (no see-ums/sandflies/midges) and ticks. Mosquitoes are more predominant during the rainy season from May until November, while ticks prefer the dry season. Be sure to pack some long-sleeved shirts and trousers to wear during the evening hours and when going for a hike. Shake your cloths and shoes before you wear them and you’ll be fine.

Although biting insects can be quite irritating, the good news is that they don’t carry any diseases such as malaria or lymes disease. The area around our hotel is generally vermin controlled to guaranty a comfortably stay and an uninterrupted sleep.

Medical care
Santa Fe has a small clinic to provide first aide and some basic treatments. A fully fitted hospital can be found 60 kilometres down the road in the town of Santiago.

Tap water
Santa Fe has its own water supply pumping fresh water straight out of the mountains. This chlorinated ‘mineral water’ is safe to drink.

The biggest killers in any latin-American country are road accidents. If you don’t feel entirely comfortable driving in a strange country, go by public transport. Panama’s public transport is efficient and cheap.