Hotel amenities

At Hotel Anachoreo in Santa Fe Panama comfort and privacy are valued highly for our guest to have a relaxing stay. At the same time we offer a homely personal experience of a family-run hostel. Our hotel is located at the end of a quiet dead-end street near the centre of town. Overlooking the valley of the Rio Santa Maria, cool evening breezes make air-conditioning or even fans a redundant luxury, instead calling for warm blankets. Not even your neighbour’s television can keep you awake, since we do not have TV’s in our rooms.

anachoreo hotel santa fe panama

That is not to say our hotel is like a monastary: we do have a popular Cambodian restaurant with a fully equipped bar that we keep open late on occasion for our guests. But we leave that choice up to you. We also organize and encourage our guest to partake in the many outdoor activities available in Santa Fe.

Other services include:

  • Bar/Lounge
  • FreeĀ  breakfast
  • Free high-speed internet
  • Guest kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Child-friendly area
  • Pets allowed on property (but not inside)
  • Cambodian (Asian) Restaurant
  • Book exchange
  • Organic garden
  • On demand room service
  • Spacious suites with queens sized bed and bath tubs
  • Guided tours