• Jenny says:

    We had a lovely “vakantie” at your wonderful place !! Thanks for the service!

  • Hello Marnix and Sineth,

    Thank you so much not only for the great service, but the feeling of hanging out at a buddies house while we were there. I have spoken to several people in my travels and hopefully you might get some visits. I met an engineer for England who is driving a huge white truck from Panamá to Los Angeles and he said he will stop by. He’s name is Tony. Let him know Luis (photographer) from Gamboa says hi. Sineth your food was amazing… Thank you so much. Please say hi to Jim for me!!! Loved your place!!! Hi Buddha and Conan!

  • Andrew Eagle says:

    Dear Hotel Anachoreo,

    This is not a comment but a request, though I must say you have a nice website!

    I am an Australian travel writer who lives in Bangladesh and works for the leading English language newspaper in Dhaka.

    I was fortunate enough to visit Santa Fe in 2006.

    I wish to write a small article about Santa Fe (and also about hats in Panama since I bought one at the market there). Only problem is I have no good photos to go with the story because the camera I had with me back in 2006 was broken.

    I write to you to ask if you have any photos of minimum size 300 KB of Santa Fe town or district that I could use for the article? I wouldn’t be able to pay you for them but could accredit the photos in the newspaper’s magazine where it would be published.

    To give you an idea, my blogsite with other articles on it is here: http://andreweagle.blogspot.com, though this would be the first article I have written about Panama.

    If you were able to share any photos for this purpose I would be very grateful. Thank you for considering my request.

    Kind regards
    Andrew Eagle

    P.S. So nice to see your hotel online and remember beautiful Santa Fe! And I never met a Cambodian in Panama but there was an Indonesian married to a Panamanian running a hotel in Chitre. They were a really nice couple.

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