Hotel Anachoreo

Hotel Anachoreo opened in Santa Fe Panama in 2012 after planning and constructing for two years. The owners, Sineth and Marnix, previously opened and managed Hostel Tierra Libre for two years. This experience inspired them to construct Hotel Anachoreo, their vision of what tourism and hospitality is all about: having a personal experience of the place you are visiting without sacrificing the comforts of the developed world. By focussing on essential comforts such as quality beds, bathrooms and haute cuisine, any traveller will be able to afford a unique stay in a tropical mountain retreat.

The word ‘Anachoreo’ is derived from ancient Greek and signifies ‘to retreat’ (to the countryside). Part of countryside living is growing your own food: Hotel Anachoreo has vegetable, herb and fruit gardens that provide ingredients that are used in the Cambodian cooking.

Sineth is born in Cambodia and experienced in hospitality after having worked in several restaurants and 5 star hotels. Her traditional Cambodian cooking has evoked our guests countless foodgasms. Marnix is from the Netherlands and is more experienced in the financial side of the business. His consultancy firm has helped many foreigners relocating and/or doing business in Panama.

Sineth and Marnix met in Cyprus and came to Panama in search of greener pastures. Santa Fe Panama certainly fitted that bill: a pleasant climate, abundant nature, laid back and developing gradually. This is the place to be for nature lovers, to relax and to re-energize yourself. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Hotel Anachoreo.

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