Panama real estate

We assist businesses and individuals finding Panama real estate in Santa Fe and elsewhere. As an independent consultancy firm we help you sort out the real estate gems from the real estate scams. This article focusses on real estate in the Santa Fe area, if you are interested in Panama real estate in other regions, please contact us.

Santa Fe real estate

If you’re particularly interested in the Santa Fe area you´d do well to visit the area for no less than 6 weeks. Although title deeds are quite clear in Panama, land is more often owned by a family rather than individuals and negotiating can be a time consuming activity.

Real Estate companies can significantly reduce the hassle that comes with buying properties, in exchange for a fee of around 5%. Note that the real estate market in the region is far form mature, and property prices should be judged on an individual basis as you will find little reference material.

Please find below details of known real estate companies and individuals. All have offered us limited commission arrangements but we are happy to give you full disclosure.

Tute Real Estate
The only real estate company in town and tourist info centre. This company focuses exclusively on the Santa Fé area.

Paradise Properties
Not a real estate company, but a developer of a residential community in Santa Fe. In addition they have several lots for sale.

American retiree (Anita) who is selling some of her properties. Hassle free for sale by owner of titled properties.

Another American retiree who sold her beautiful mountain house. We designed her web site and assisted her with online marketing. Even though it is sold, it is a good example of the Panamanian retirement dream.

Veraguas Realty
This company sells real estate in the entire Veraguas properties, and has several listings in the Santa Fe area. We have no commission arrangement with this agent.

If you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them. Simply send us an email.