Freemont Panama

Anachoreo Finance is the official representative of the Freemont Group in Panama.

Freemont Group was formed in 2001 as a joint venture between several tax consultant to provide quality tax consulting services to the SMB market. Clients of Freemont Group are entrepreneurs, business owners, internationally mobile consultants, artists and sportsmen, and high net worth individuals. We defended the right of free establishment within the EU by bringing the Inspire Art case to the European Court of Justice. The decision in favour of Inspire Art firmly established the right to incorporate anywhere in the EU and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs save taxes.

Our core business is the management of structures set up to obtain a reduced tax burden on business, investment or employment income and for inheritance planning and asset protection purposes. For years, such tax saving structures where the exclusive domain of multinational, but nowadays they are well within reach of smaller businesses. Our goal is to make complicated tax planning tools available for every business man.

The Freemont Group has helped thousands of entrepreneurs pay less tax, and we are ready to help you too.