About us

Anachoreo Consultants is my way to share valuable experiences of doing business abroad. In 2006 I broke off my studies in philosophy to pursue a career in finance.  I joined the Freemont Group in Cyprus, a corporate service provider with offices worldwide. There I tried my hands on customer service and client accounting, but I was most proficient with marketing and business development. I left Cyprus in 2009 to open my own office in Panama under the Freemont Group flag, while at the same time my wife and I started a hostel in the growing tourist destination of Santa Fe. In 2011 we started construction on our own hotel, which we opened July first 2012. Anachoreo Finance is located in the same building.

It has been a rough but rewarding ride. If you are thinking of doing something similar, I will be pleased to make your (ad)venture a success too.