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Yoga on top of Cerro Tute

First of all: Happy New Year everybody! Most people who practice yoga also like hiking. But few would hike to a mountain peak and strike some risky poses on the edge of a windy cliff. These yogi’s did and made some amazing shots of Cerro Tute. Click here to see the entire shoot.

Competition in a small town

Oftentimes my guests ask me: how are your relationships with other businesses? When the question is asked by (former) business owners my reply usually sounds familiar and they will nod sympathetically. But the majority of people never owned a business in their life, and to them my answers usually sounds surprising. The cliche image that […]

What is sustainable

Sustainability, eco/environmentally friendliness and organic products have become very fashionable in the last decade or two. But definitions are vague and criteria for labelling yourself eco-friendly are not self evident. Just like 5 star hotels in Panama, anyone can claim to have an ecolodge. Moreover, even in those countries that do have official organizations for […]