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How to treat a LLLadah

Our company car is a Lada Niva – a tough little 4×4 which, with proper care, will go places where other terrain vehicles won’t. A great car for the countryside and perfect for off-road tours. The Lada Niva is made in Russia, the first one being produces in 1977 and, with little changes to the […]

Santa Fe fair 2013

The Santa Fe fair, from January 30 until February 3, is the largest happening in this quiet little town. Roughly 5000 people and many more day-trippers will flock to the Santa Fe fair to enjoy the spectacle of local agriculture, artisans, food, loud music and probably most of all, to get wasted. I don’t want […]

What is sustainable

Sustainability, eco/environmentally friendliness and organic products have become very fashionable in the last decade or two. But definitions are vague and criteria for labelling yourself eco-friendly are not self evident. Just like 5 star hotels in Panama, anyone can claim to have an ecolodge. Moreover, even in those countries that do have official organizations for […]

What are the chances

So you have been told you’re the only Cambodian in Panama. Then you move to a tiny village far out in the countryside. What are the chances of meeting other Cambodians, who are not even allowed in their neighbouring countries without a visa? You’d be surprised. In the three years that we live here we […]

Yes we’re open!

After a several rough weeks filled with long working hours and little sleep we’re finally open. The website still needs a lot of work, most notably there’s a lack of pictures. The reason for that is that there is still unfinished paintwork and overall lack of furniture. I guess that in spite of this I […]