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Santa Fe Orchid Fair

Bit of a last minute announcement, but the 2014 Santa Fe Orchid Fair is held coming weekend 15, 16 and 17th of August. The location is Restaurante Los Hermanos Pineda, right in the centre of town. Santa Fe is famous for its orchids, with as many as 300+ species. Most orchids bloom in August when […]

Fundraising for Cambodia

Coming May Sineth and I are going to Cambodia; for Sineth it will be for the first time in 6 years she reunites with her family. For me, well I never met my parents-in-law, nor any of her siblings with the funny nick-names. Her fat sister (who according to Sineth is a better cook than […]

Yoga on top of Cerro Tute

First of all: Happy New Year everybody! Most people who practice yoga also like hiking. But few would hike to a mountain peak and strike some risky poses on the edge of a windy cliff. These yogi’s did and made some amazing shots of Cerro Tute. Click here to see the entire shoot.

Competition in a small town

Oftentimes my guests ask me: how are your relationships with other businesses? When the question is asked by (former) business owners my reply usually sounds familiar and they will nod sympathetically. But the majority of people never owned a business in their life, and to them my answers usually sounds surprising. The cliche image that […]

Panama birdwatching – A toucan in town

First things first: anybody who’s interested in birdwatching in Panama should check out the Panama Birdwatching facebook page. I had no idea it existed until a guest pointed me out, but apparently it is very well visited by birdwatching experts, so if you have any questions, or would like to identify an unknown bird, this […]

A gardeners dream

Having a garden to grow at least some of our own fruits and vegetables was one of the reasons to come to Panama. Land is affordable compared to many other places in the world, and a climate without frost, with regular rainfall and abundant sun results in a maximum yield. The challenge is not whether […]