Panama birdwatching: some shots made by a guest

A regular guest comes specifically to Santa Fe for birdwatching. Sante Fe is hardly the only place in Panama to go birdwatching, but nature is still quite abundant in the particular spot, with primary forest reaching from low elevation (600 feet) up till about 3600 feet. Another hotel owner in town is composing a list of bird species known to this region: the number is currently stands at 300.

Our guest was kind enough to share a few shots of some sought after birds: a lattice tailed trogon and a black crowned antpitta.

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  • I am currently compiling the Helm Field Guide volume which covers Antpittas, Gnateaters, and Antthrushes. I would very much appreciate it if you could put the visitor who took these photos in touch with me via my email. I am very interested in speaking to them concerning their photos for my research.

    Thank you for your time, Harold

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