How to treat a LLLadah

Our company car is a Lada Niva – a tough little 4×4 which, with proper care, will go places where other terrain vehicles won’t. A great car for the countryside and perfect for off-road tours. The Lada Niva is made in Russia, the first one being produces in 1977 and, with little changes to the design, still being made up to this date. Prior to the fall of the Soviet Union, Niva’s where being exported worldwide including to Canada, western European countries and Panama. During the Jeltsin years, Lada exports fell drastically and tougher emission regulations prevented sales in many countries. Since 2010 however, Niva’s are available again in western Europe, with a revised engine but with unchanged exterior and no changes to its successful drivetrain. To boost sales, Sweden’s Lada importer had this viral video made:

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