Santa Fe fair 2013

No Spanish required pn the Santa Fe fairThe Santa Fe fair, from January 30 until February 3, is the largest happening in this quiet little town. Roughly 5000 people and many more day-trippers will flock to the Santa Fe fair to enjoy the spectacle of local agriculture, artisans, food, loud music and probably most of all, to get wasted. I don’t want to ruin any idyllic romantic thoughts you might have, but the fair is first and foremost a big party with a countryside fair theme. But there is something for everyone: during the day when the party-goers are still overcoming their hangover from the previous night, you can watch rodeo, typical music, learn about local organic farming practices, watch street art, police demonstrations and so on. It is certainly something you can’t miss.

For the younger crowd, Panamanian partying might lack sophistication but you can surely have a good time. You won’t need Spanish to get to know the locals, due to the loudness of music everyone communicates in sign language.

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