Welcome to Hotel Anachoreo in Santa Fe Panama. Enjoy the coziness of a hostel with all the comforts of a hotel in theEn Espanol beautiful Veraguas mountain range. Savour the tastes of nature while hiking, swimming in pristine rivers, bird watching, horseback riding, 4×4 adventures and much more.

And spoil yourself in the only Cambodian restaurant in Central America. (reopening this December!)

Santa Fe Panama is a quiet town off the beaten track with only a handful of hotels and hostels each offering a different experience. Nature is abundant and unspoiled by large developments. Santa Fe’s unique characteristics have attracted the attention of many nature lovers.

Our hotel could be characterized as an inn in the old days, since we attract guests from all ages and all walks of life who love the typical hostel atmosphere and also a little bit of comfort and privacy. If you seek something out of the ordinary, Hotel Anachoreo will surely be to your liking

Stay with us for $55 per night, breakfast included! Go to our booking section to make a reservation.

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